Thursday, February 23, 2012

Harvey Kaufman

We were very saddened to hear of the passing of Harvey Kaufman of Norman Hill Realty a couple weeks back, he was a big favourite in the Urbanation office. Harvey handled the sales of a number of high profile developers including The Pemberton Group, Menkes Developments, and The Conservatory Group to name a few.

After many years of trying to get Harvey to sign up for our report we just gave up, but were happy to exchange info with him whenever we could and express our opinions on this site or that. The most admirable trait possed by Harvey had was his ability to stick up for himself and what he beleived in. There were many a times that a developer told him not to give data to us and he told them it was the right thing to do, that Urbanation provides a valuable service to the industry and assists many of the lenders, suppliers, appraisers that work on their projects make more informed decisions. That takes a lot of stones when dealing with some of the clients he did and we thank him one last time for it.

Many of the jokes and insults that Harvey told us we won't be sharing on this blog, but trust us, they were priceless. We wanted to make sure we acknowledged how much me thought of him and hope his family is doing well. Our condolences.

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