Friday, July 8, 2011

2-8 Gloucester Developer Sets the Record Straight (No pun intended!)

Urbanation posted a link to an online article from Xtra! - Canada's Gay and Lesbian News yesterday, see the article here:

Angel Developments contacted Urbanation to clarify some of the concerns / issues raised in the article. The developer indicated that "The designated Masonic Hall is being wholly-retained without any internal modifications, and the smaller listed property adjacent to the lane is being incorporated in the development as well" and that the project will not just retain the facades of these buildings but the entire original buildings.

Angel Developments also mentioned that the clubs would not be forced to close and that “we’re currently in the process of discussing a potential lease extension with the owners, while also providing them with clarity as the process unfolds so that their eventual transition away from the property is as seamless as possible”.
Urbanation would like to thank the developer for passing this info on. Transparency in the development industry is much needed to quell misconceptions and rumours from taking hold of the public and causing unneeded headaches.
At Urbanation we are very much looking forward to the transformation of Yonge Street in the coming years by Angel, Lanterra, Mod and Canderel.
Have a great weekend.